Two beautiful releases for Dani’s this week. The first is a lucious velvet gown with colorful, silky sculpted wrap. mod/copy/notrans 99L at Dani’s mainstore in Dubya city!

Dani's Midnight Ocean

Also, we feature the Spangled Outfit. As featured on SL Shamelss Gossip blog, http://slshamelessgossip.com/2009/01/06/posing-in-brand-new-fashions/ , This outfit offers versatility and so many options. 13 layers, in 9 colors, this outfit is the only wardrobe you need for your casual every-day life in SL. Mod/Copy/notrans 199L

Spangled Outfit in 9 colors!

Lasty, The Club at Rosemont will hold it’s Grand Opening celebration Saturday 10 January, 12 noon SLT until 3. Please join us for an afternoon of fun, live DJ, legal sploder, raffle ball, free prizes (and no, they aren’t those BIAB freebies everyone’s shoving around either, we’re talking about original designed clothing for men and women!)

Club at Rosemont Grand Opening Celebration

Come see us at Dani’s!



Dani’s is happy to provide complimentary outfits to fashion bloggers upon request. Please drop a notecard on Danielle Harrop in world, or email Dani, and let her know the outfits you fancy. If you prefer, Dani can drop a regularly scheduled folder of latest releases on your AV in world.

Dani prefers to create a rapport with the blogger before passing on her outfits. Please do not hesitate to contact her in world or via email!


Dani’s color-block dress has a toga feel, with a black bias-cut strap over the left shoulder. The cropped vinyl jacket with red buttons and black trim sports 3/4 length sleves and a small rolled collar. Only 99L at Dani’s Main store.





Lacy Pretty things…

Lacy Pretty things…, originally uploaded by Danielle Harrop.

This is my gift to you, this holiday. it can be found under the tree in Urban Shopper Mall, right at the landing point. This free gift event at Urban Shopper dosn’t actually start until the 22nd…so hold on till then! but on the 22nd, go here… slurl.com/secondlife/Dubya%20City/42/124/25

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Retro Plaid Outfit

Retro Plaid Outfit, originally uploaded by Danielle Harrop.

A sleeveless tunic over a sculpted prim-collared blouse with scrunched short sleeves (also sculpted) over slouchy legged-leggins, with Prim belt.

Very Mod….

Very Retro

only at Dani’s Fine Fashions

M/C/NoT only 99L

Recently, I recieved an IM from a customer, stating the outfit she purchased did not come with all the advertised parts! I immediatly logged in and remedied the situation.

Searching through my transaction reports, I noticed almost 10 people had purchased that outfit in the last 2 weeks, and none of them had said a word about the missing skirt they expected to see in the package.

If you buy something, from anyone, and what’s on the tin isn’t in the tin, please, please please contact the merchant you purchased it from, and let them know. In most cases (at least I know I will) they will fix the problem as soon as possible.

I cannot provide excellent customer service if I do not know there is a problem. Please, let me provide the items you paid for! 🙂